Main Benefits


Strengthens the immune system

Calms the mind

Improves circulation

Removes tension

Supports digestion

Removes old age and fatigue

Improves eye sight

Induces deep sleep

Strengthens the skin

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What is Ayuvedic Massage?


Ayurvedic massage is a key part of Ayurvedic therapy. Just as a machine needs to be oiled, the body loves to have its largest organ, the skin, soothed, which is why large quantities of warm therapeutic oils are used in Ayurvedic massage. Its calm approach means that you are not only induced into a deeply relaxed state during the treatment; regular massage assists the body in self healing, generally makes life more joyful and helps keep at bay the effects that everyday stresses and strains can have on our minds and bodies.



Your Ayurvedic massage begins with a warm oil massage to work through any areas of tension or knots. Massage strokes vary from deep and active with strong pressure to superficial, delicate stroking or pinching/kneading of the small muscles with the finger and thumb. These follow the flow of energy channels and nerve pathways.

Marma Madana

Ayurvedic massage is performed with an acute awareness of the marmas and chakras. Marmas are vital points similar to acupressure points, and when manipulated correctly, they revitalise the entire body. There are 107 major marma points and it is at these areas that pain and weaknesses tend to congregate. The fingers are used to stimulate these points promoting physical and mental rehabilitation.


According to the ancient system of Tantra, the human body has seven subtle centres of consciousness, or chakras, five of which are specified along the spinal column, where the three major energy channels intersect. According to Ayurveda, each chakra nourishes particular organs and controls various psycho-physiological aspects of our being. When they are blocked, physical disease ensues. Ayurvedic oil massage opens and cleanses these energy channels so the current can flow freely, helping to re-balance and release pent-up emotions.

Reiki energy will also flow through Sarah's palms during the treatment, aiding this healing process and promoting deep relaxation on all levels.

Pinda Sweda

​Hot herbal poultices are applied to the body to draw out any inflammation, body toxins, water retention or excess body heat. It also helps relieve pain, stiffness and swelling; improves movement in the joints and blood circulations; and soothes the nerves. Pinda sweda is especially beneficial for arthritis; tired, sore or aching muscles. 

Ayurveda regards each individual as unique so the massage techniques and therapeutic oils used depend on any presenting conditions. Please check the list of contraindications for Ayurvedic massage (FAQs) before booking and contact Sarah if you have any concerns.

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What Can Ayurveda Help Treat?


Ayurvedic massage is therapeutically used for many conditions, as a cure or providing relief and recovery from:

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Inflammatory conditions

  • Water retention

  • Bad posture

  • Asthma and other respiratory problems

  • Skin conditions

  • Excess sweating

  • Circulatory problems

  • Digestive disorders

  • Obesity and eating disorders

  • Stress, anxiety, depression

  • Exhaustion and lethargy

  • Migraine and headaches

  • Insomnia and sleep-related problems

Price List



Indian Head Massage & Facial (45 mins) - £40

Back Massage (75 mins) - £50

Upper Body De-Stress (90 mins) - £60

Back, Legs & Feet Massage (90 mins) - £60

Full Body Massage (2 hours) - £80

*Allow an additional 15 mins for your first treatment*

OFFER: Book 5 full priced treatments within 6 months and receive your 6th treatment free

Full Body Massage
Full Body Massage

The 2-hour Full Body Massage includes: - Back, neck & shoulders - Arms & hands - Legs & feet - Stomach (optional) - Head (with warm oils) - Facial (optional) Techniques used include: - Deep tissue massage using warm therapeutic oils - Marma point massage - Chakra massage (back only) - Hot herbal poultice massage Price - £80

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Upper Body De-Stress
Upper Body De-Stress

The 90-min Upper Body De-Stress Massage includes: - Back, neck & shoulders - Arms & hands - Head (with warm oils) - Facial (optional) Techniques used include: - Deep tissue massage using warm therapeutic oils - Marma point massage - Chakra massage (back only) - Hot herbal poultice massage Price - £60

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Back Massage
Back Massage

The 75-min Back Massage includes: - Back, neck & shoulders - Arms & hands Techniques used include: - Deep tissue massage using warm therapeutic oils - Marma point massage - Chakra massage - Hot herbal poultice massage Price - £50

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Back, Legs & Feet Massage
Back, Legs & Feet Massage

The 90-min Back, Legs & Feet Massage includes: - Back, neck & shoulders - Arms & hands - Back of the legs - Feet - Buttocks can be included for conditions such as sciatica Techniques used include: - Deep tissue massage using warm therapeutic oils - Marma point massage - Chakra massage (back only) - Hot herbal poultice massage Price - £60

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Head Massage & Facial
Head Massage & Facial

The 45-min Head Massage & Facial includes: - Head Massage (using warm therapeutic oils) - Relaxing and rejuvenating facial (using a suitable cream, gel or oil) The head and face contain many marma points which are massaged for a deep relaxing experience. Price - £40

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Therapeutic Oil Vasti
Therapeutic Oil Vasti

A therapeutic oil treatment can be included with your massage, especially beneficial for: - Back pain and sciatica - Arthritic pain and joint stiffness - Joints that require lubrication - Releasing emotions A large quantity of hot, concentrated, therapeutic oil is held in place for up to 20 minutes, to allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the area of concern, prior to being massaged. Get in touch to add this treatment to your massage - price from £10 (dependent on oils used and area covered)

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Body Scrub Treatment
Body Scrub Treatment

Natural body scrub treatments can be added to your massage, suitable for the back, shoulders, arms and legs. Benefits include: - Reduces toxins - Reduces excess cellulite & fat - Strengthens & tones the skin - Improves skin complexion, texture & glow - Prevents skin disease Choose a dry scrub or a paste. Get in touch to add this treatment to your massage (price from £10).

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Reiki Session
Reiki Session

Reiki is not an Ayurvedic treatment, it originates from Japan as a gentle holistic, non-intrusive healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without manipulation or massage. However, Sarah is a Reiki Master and the Reiki healing energy naturally flows through her palms when delivering massage which offers an additional element to her treatments, providing natural healing, harmonising the body, mind and soul, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and serene.

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COVID-19 Safety Measures


​The following safety measures are currently in place. Sarah is monitoring the risks and government guidance on a regular basis, therefore, all treatments booked are be subject to change or cancellation, with a full refund offered.

  1. Massage treatments are strictly by appointment only
  2. Initial treatments include a 15 minute consultation - this is done in-person before the massage but if preferred, can be done by email or telephone to limit face-to-face contact time (please specify if required).
  3. Treatments are NOT offered to anyone who has tested positive for the coronavirus, or who is experiencing any of the associated symptoms.
  4. You MUST reschedule your appointment if you have tested positive for COVID within the past 14 days; or have been in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive for the virus.
  5. Whilst COVID numbers are still high in the area, you are being asked to take a lateral flow test (LFT) on the day of your scheduled appointment. Sarah will also take a test to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
  6. Hand sanitiser is available in the therapy room to use on entry/exit.
  7. Face coverings are now optional. Please let Sarah know if you have any specific requirements.
  8. Abdominal massage, head massage and facials are all optional elements of the full body massage.
  9. Disposable towels are used on the massage bed in areas that are in contact with the face. 
  10. Your own towels can be used for treatments if you prefer (please confirm before your appointment).
  11. A full clean of all contact surfaces takes place between appointments and the therapy room is well ventilated.