What is Reiki?

It is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person - the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The Japenese word Reiki (pronounced "Ray Kee") is often translated as "universal life-force energy" which flows through all living things. In Japan, the word Reiki is used to describe any form of healing using spiritual energy but in the West we are usually referring to the form of healing practice developed by Japanese Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926) who founded the healing system called Usui Reiki Ryoho, now widely known throughout the world.

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki healing is focused on restoring balance to the complete individual, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a being. Reiki can identify areas of stress, anxiety, loss, pain, anger and trauma that are trapped in the body that block us of our pathways causing instability which restricts energetic flow. Holding onto these negative emotions will prevent energy and the chakras from flowing into balance. When these areas are identified and released by Reiki, then the chakras will begin to flow again resulting in effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, a healthy mental mindset, and overall physical well-being.

Reiki is holistic and non-intrusion. It is received with the hands being placed lighly on or above the body whilst fully clothed (distance healings are also possible).

Some people can feel the flow of healing energy moving through the body, others feel a sensation of warmth, coolness or numbness, whilst most also experience feelings of deep relaxation and tranquility which continue to have a positive effect long after the treatment. Each session is unique, sometimes the benefits are instant and powerful, other times the healing is more subtle and unexpected. Whatever you experience, Reiki is always guided by your soul/higher self to holistically bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit as a whole.

Benefits of Reiki


  • Reduces pain and tension

  • Speeds up recovery from surgery or illness

  • Balances the mind and emotions, allowing emotional blockages to rise to the surface where they can be acknowledged and cleared

  • Reduces stress

  • Induces deep relaxation

  • Promotes deep sleep

  • Enhances the body’s natural healing abilities

  • Helps bring about inner peace and harmony

  • A valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth and development

  • Improves memory and learning

Price List


Reiki Healing Treatment (60mins) - £40

Reiki Distance Treatment (60mins) - £30


Group Courses

Reiki Level One (Foundation) - £75

Reiki Level Two (Practitioner) - £85

Reiki for Animals (Foundation) - £75


1-1 Private Courses

Reiki Level One (Foundation) - £120

Reiki Level Two (Practitioner) - £140

Reiki Level Three (Master Practitioner) - £160

Reiki Level Four (Master Teacher) - £180


Private courses are also available to small groups of family/friends. Get in touch for prices


Reiki Attunement courses include certification, course manual, lunch and refreshments


Reiki Attunement Courses

Start a new journey of self-rediscovery, healing and awakening by immersing yourself in a one-day Reiki attunement course. Become the best version of yourself and feel more balanced, whole, happy and healthy. Learn how to channel the powerful Reiki energy for self-healing and offer treatments to others.

Courses are offered on an individual basis for a more personal experience, or to small groups of family/friends. Occasional group courses are offered at different venues across Cornwall and Devon.

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • You should have previously received at least one Reiki healing treatment, either with Sarah or another Practitioner prior to attending a Reiki course.

  • You must start at Reiki One (Foundation Level) and complete each course in order. If you have previously completed a course with a different teacher, email your course certificate as confirmation of attendance. You are welcome to repeat a course previously attended or receive additional attunements.

  • Please read through the full course itinerary prior to booking (click the images below).

  • There are a few pre-course recommendations that are emailed out for you to put into place the week prior to an attunement, so please plan ahead if you are booking a course. 

  • Please observe the recommended times you should wait between each course level. These are given for guidance only and you may choose to wait longer. 

Reiki Group Course Calendar
Reiki Level One (Foundation Course) - £75
Rame Innovation Hub, Friday 22nd July
Reiki Level Two (Practitioner Course) - £85
Animal Reiki Course (Foundation Level)


Being Creative with Reiki


Reiki attunement courses not only enable you to channel the Reiki energy for hands-on treatments of yourself and others, you can also get creative with:

  • Treating animals and wildlife

  • Calming children, babies & 'bumps'

  • Sensing and scanning auras

  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Energising plants and seeds

  • Nourishing food and drink

  • Solving personal problems

  • Healing habits and addictions

  • World situations

  • Distance healing, or sending reiki into the past or future

  • Creating a protective shield

  • Cleansing your home/car/office of old stagnant or negative energy

Reiki Level One: Foundation
Reiki Level One: Foundation

Course Itinerary: - What is Reiki? - The difference between a Reiki attunement and healing - 5 Reiki principles - What Reiki can and cannot do - What to expect as a Reiki Healer - The importance of self healing - What may happen in a healing session - Working with children & animals - The chakra system - The Reiki hand positions - Meditation - Reiki attunement - Reiki healing practical session - Certification

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Reiki Level Two: Practitioner
Reiki Level Two: Practitioner

Minimum time between Level One and Level Two: 3 months Course Itinerary: - Your Reiki Level 1 experience and course summary - Reiki and the human energy field - Working as a Reiki Practitioner - Code of Conduct for Reiki Practitioners - The Level 2 Reiki symbols - Distance healing - Meditation - Your Reiki attunement - Reiki healing practical session - Certification

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Reiki Level Three: Master
Reiki Level Three: Master

Minimum time between Level Two & Level Three: 9 months Course Itinerary: - What is a Reiki Master? - History & principles of natural healing - The emergence of Reiki - Preparation & meditation - Dr Usui’s techniques & practice - A new level of healing - Spirit of Reiki - Creating a sacred & healthy space - Mental & emotional healing - Practical & spiritual wisdom - The breath of healing - The Master symbol - Your Reiki attunement - Reiki energy in your hands - Certificate

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Reiki Level Four: Teacher
Reiki Level Four: Teacher

Minimum time between Levels Three & Four is discretionary. Course Itinerary: - Building a sound structure for teaching Reiki - Teaching Reiki at each level - Discussion on how to run Reiki courses - The Reiki attunements - The Master symbols - Meditation - Your Reiki attunement - Passing Reiki attunements - Reiki attunements in action - Practical advise - Certificate & farewells

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