Yoga & Ayurveda Home Retreat Package (available soon!) 

1-1 Health Consultation (online)
Personalised 21-Day Health Plan
Ayurvedic recipes
Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle recommendations
Ayurvedic remedies
21-Day supply of Ayurvedic herbal supplements
Ayurvedic self-care products
21-Day Yoga Package:
9 Gentle Flow Yoga classes
6 Restorative Yoga classes
3 Yoga Nidra classes
6 Relaxation recordings
6 Healing Meditation recordings
Add a Half-Price Treatment to your Package:
Ayurvedic Massage (£20 - £40)
Reiki Distance Healing - (£15)
Metatron Distance Healing (£25)
Private Yoga Class (£15)



Your Health Consultation takes place on day 1

This is where Sarah will personalise your Health Plan, post out your herbal supplements and self-care products, email your recipes, remedies, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

You will also receive access to your 21-day yoga and meditation package.

Yoga classes are pre-recorded so you can fit them around your daily schedule. 

On your weekly rest day, you will be given self-care tips to enjoy with your products.

You can also add a healing treatment to your package, with half-price discounts.


herbs and spices



Facial Wash



Massage Stones



Body Healing

Ayurveda Health Consultation

Your 1-1 consultation takes place online via video call on day 1.

This provides an opportunity for you to discuss your health goals and any areas that require additional focus for healing on your journey towards optimum health, balance and wellness. 

The consultation is approximately 1 hour. During this time, Sarah will ask you a range of questions about your health, diet, digestion, lifestyle, sleep, energy and stress levels. Your personalised 21-Day Health Plan is then created for you.

Personalised Ayurveda Health Plan

This includes:

  • Dietary advice (e.g. foods and food combination to avoid)

  • Recipe (e-booklet)

  • Home remedies

  • Lifestyle advice

  • 21-day supply of Ayurvedic herbal medicines or supplements

  • Ayurvedic self-care tools or products

Ayurvedic Recipes & Remedies

Recipes include options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and drinks - all selected for your body type and health goals.

Home remedies are simple to make, using everyday ingredients.

  • Days 1 - 7: focus is on cleansing and detoxifying the system

  • Days 8 - 14: focus is on healing and finding balance in body & mind

  • Days 15 - 21: focus is on rejuvenation, increasing energy levels and strengthening the immune system.

Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements & Self-Care Products

You receive £100 worth of Ayurvedic goodies delivered to your door, all selected for your body type and personal health goals. These may include herbal medicines specific for your disorder or to strengthen the immune system; digestive aids; detox aids; calming teas; rejuvenating tonics or jams; massage oils, head or hair oils; facial creams; balms; oral hygiene; body scrubs or brushes.

Herbal medicines and supplements are normally taken daily.

Each week includes a 'self-care day' with full instructions for using your selected self-care tools and products. 

Treatment (optional)

Add a treatment to your package for half price:

  • 2hr Ayurvedic Full Body Massage - £40

  • 90min Ayurvedic Massage - £30

  • 75min Ayurvedic Massage - £25

  • Reiki Healing - £20

  • Reiki Distance Healing - £15

  • Metatron Distance Healing - £25

  • Private Yoga Class (online/in-person) - £15


Days 1 - 7: CLEANSE

Focus is on supporting the body’s natural detoxification process

Days 8 - 14: HEAL

Focus is on releasing stress and tension held within the body & mind

Days 15 - 21: REJUVENATE

Focus is on rejuvenating and energising the body & mind and strengthening the immune system.

Gentle Flow Yoga Classes 

You have access to 9 Gentle Flow classes (3 per week), each offering a thematic sequence which connect body-mind-breath as you move mindfully between the different yoga asanasSome positions are held, whilst others flow continuously through gentle sequences.

Classes are 50-60mins, including a guided relaxation at the end.

It is recommended that you practice Gentle Flow Yoga in the morning before breakfast, which sets you up for a positive day.

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

You have access to 6 Restorative Yoga classes (2 per week) which are deeply relaxing, promoting inner peace and calm.

Lots of props are used to support the body in various positions which are held for 5-10 minutes each whilst you are guided through breathwork, visualisation or meditations.

Classes are 35-45mins, including a guided relaxation at the end.

You also have access to 3 Yoga Nidra classes which are deeply healing and restorative, practiced whilst led comfortably in a state of active 'sleep' and conscious relaxation.

Classes are 30-45 minutes each.

It is recommended that you practice Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra in the evening, which prepares you for an amazingly deep and restorative sleep.

Guided Relaxation

You have access to 6 guided relaxation recordings, varying in length from 5-15 minutes. These can be used alongside the yoga classes, as you float into a deep relaxation during Savasana, or on its own whenever you wish to seek a little peace and calm.

Guided Meditation

You have access to 6 guided meditation recordings which promote physical and emotional healing & rejuvenation, through visualisation and positive mind-set. 

Practice meditation daily and experience mind-blowing benefits!


Twist Pose

Laptop or smartphone with facility for video calls (e.g. WhatsApp, Skype) and media to play video & audio recordings.

Yoga mat
(an Ekotex recycled yoga mat can be included in your package on request)

Yoga props:
(blocks, strap, bolster, blanket, eye pillow)

.Alternative props can be used instead
 (e.g. cushions, duvet, chair, belt & towel)

A quiet space to practice.

Pestle & mortar or a spice grinder

Food processor
Practicing Yoga at Home