Yoga's combined focus on mindfulness, breathing and physical movements brings health benefits with regular participation. Yoga participants report better sleep, increased energy levels and muscle tone, relief from muscle pain and stiffness, improved circulation and overall better general health. The breathing aspect of yoga can benefit heart rate and blood pressure, and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


For more information about yoga and its benefits, visit the NHS's Guide to Yoga.

About Yoga


Derived from the Sankrit word "yuj" which means "to unite or integrate", yoga is a body of knowledge from India, guiding us in uniting the body with the mind and soul. Yoga is a philosophy, a science and a discipline. It has many varied branches and sects. Paintings of people in yoga poses date back 5,000 years to the Harrappan culture in the Indus Valley. The first written references to yoga are found in stanzas of the Rig Vada dating back 3,500 years.


Hatha Yoga is the most common branch of yoga practiced in the West, mainly consisting of physical postures, or asanas. Hatha translates as force or sun and moon. The Hatha yoga sect dates back to the 10th century. Early Hatha yogis discovered that awakening and moving energy in the body gave them a feeling of radiant well-being and wholeness.


In the 1960s, several yoga teachers became active and popular in the West which followed with a "yoga boom" in the 1980s, as Dean Ornish, MD, a medical researcher, connected Hatha Yoga to heart health. Since then, yoga has been used as supplementary therapy for a range of conditions and is proven to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.


Today, many styles of Hatha Yoga exist. Sarah specialises in Vinyasa Flow - a continuous sequence of breath-linked postures, with emphasis on correct alignment and deliberate movement between positions. Time holding postures varies but the Sun Salutations often form the base of sequences.

Class Timetable
Gentle Flow Yoga Classes @ Millbrook Village Hall

Wednesday: 2 -3pm

Friday: 6 - 7pm

Maximum 6 spaces available - booking is essential

4-week class block - £20

Pay-per-class - £6.50

Following COVID safety guidance (read here in full):

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and yoga props

2m social distancing rules are observed at all times

Masks should be worn when entering/exiting the building but can be taken off during the yoga class.

Additional classes may be added to the timetable

Get in touch to express your interest

Click images below for more information about the different yoga styles or sample the free classes on the yoga videos page

Beginners Flow
A class in the style of Vinyasa Flow, designed for people new to yoga or Vinyasa.

Classes include:
- Basic yoga positions (standing, seated, kneeling and reclined)
- Sun Salutation sequences
- Basic breathing and meditation techniques

Delivered at a gentle pace, classes start with a warm-up and end with a relaxation section. Positions are demonstrated and verbally cued for correct alignment, with variations and modifications provided to suit different levels of ability.
Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa Flow is an active style of yoga, moving continuously and purposefully from one pose to the next in sequences of movements synchronised with the breath, often pausing to hold positions for various lengths of time.

Classes offer different themed sequences, although most include some form of the Sun Salutation and end with a relaxation section.

Gentle Flow is a slower paced class delivered in the same style but with less challenging positions (suitable for all abilities).
Yoga & African Dance
A fusion between African Dance and Vinyasa Flow, put together this class is fun, sweaty and a great workout for the whole body!

Expect lots of core movements, strength building and cardio bursts inter-linked with yoga poses that increase flexibility and release blocked energy.

A fast-paced, feel-good class with sunshine beats and lots of laughter!
HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) involves short, intense bursts of movement with a high heart rate to increase fitness, strength and stamina.

You go all-out for your body’s ability for the duration of the activity, with a gentle stretch between each section.

Classes also include energetic breathwork to tone the deep abdominal muscles and cleanse the system; flowing yoga sequences to warm-up and cool down the body and ending with a relaxation section.
Relax & Restore
A gentle restorative yoga style delivered by candlelight for a deeper sense of relaxation of the body and mind - the ultimate re-set for your week!

Classes include gentle yoga stretches; guided breathwork & meditation; restorative yoga positions held for 5-10 mins each using bolsters and props to fully support the body.

Suitable for all levels of ability, age and experience, during pregnancy and post-natal.

Classes are themed to address a range of conditions but each one benefits everyone!
Yoga Nidra
Delivered by candlelight, Yoga Nidra is often described as yogic sleep; a state of conscious awareness where your mind is free to completely let go and relax. Thought to be 4 times more beneficial than sleep itself, Yoga Nidra can have profound affects on everyday life.

All you need to do is lie down, get comfortable and stay awake, as you are guided through a 1 hour meditation sequence.

Parent & Baby Yoga
Yoga benefits babies too and done together, creates a beautiful bonding experience bringing you closer physically and emotionally. Baby yoga incorporates physical touch with emotional contact and movement, encouraging exploration as your baby develops and learns to move in different ways.

Classes include:
- baby massage
- baby yoga movements
- parent yoga done in close proximity to your baby
- baby soothers and a relaxation section enjoyed together

Suitable from 6 weeks to crawling.
Pregnancy Yoga
A great way to prepare the body and mind for childbirth, helping you to relax, stay fit and promote your baby's health.

Classes include:
- Pregnancy specific movements & flows e.g. for lower back pain, pelvic pain, swollen joints...
- Breathing techniques for relaxation, to aid sleep and to use during labour
- Meditation techniques to bond with your baby and promote a calm mind
- Yoga movements for labour
- Birthing visualisations, affirmations and guided relaxations

Suitable from 13 weeks+
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Private Classes

Private classes are available on a  1-1 basis or small groups of up to 3 people, observing Covid-19 safety guidelines. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and beneficial if you are:

  • Avoiding group activities due to Covid-19 advice

  • Yoga beginner or interested in trying a new yoga style

  • Seeking a refresher before attending public classes

  • Recovering from injury or illness

  • Unable to attend public classes due to work shifts etc..

  • Working towards a specific goal e.g. weight loss, de-stress, increase confidence or pain management...

  • Athlete looking for a complimentary form of training to enhance your performance

  • Pregnant (13 weeks +)

Private sessions can take place at your your home or holiday accommodation, the beach or outdoor location (tides and weather dependent). Please note: additional charges may apply for locations outside of the Rame Pensinsula (please email for more information).

Courses come in either 6 or 12 class blocks (taken within a 3 month period). Taster sessions are also available so you can make sure you are happy with Sarah's teaching style before you commit to a course.

Price List




Public Yoga Classes

Pay-per-class - £6.50

4-week class block - £20 

(£5 per class)


​Private Yoga Classes


Yoga Taster Class - £50


Yoga Course (6 Classes) - £40

(60mins each)


12 classes for the price of 6

(to be taken by 31/03/2021)

St Andrews Street,

Millbrook, Cornwall,

PL10 1BE

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